iAdapt Inventory Management System


iAdapt Inventory System is a feature-rich enterprise solution that provides easy-to-use administration management, billing management, vendor management, product catalog, category management, inventory management, expense management, loan management, human resource management, customer management, extensive reporting, administration, and system configuration.
When developing this system, we considered every detail according to the needs and requirements of our business. Dashboard with inventory management, expired product management, credit and paid customer management, paid/unpaid invoices and expense reports and reports, sales reports, win/loss reports and expense reports, and interactive sales charts Such
Designed and developed using the latest tools and technologies such as Php 7, jQuery, JSON and Bootstrap, iAdapt’s inventory system guarantees 100% quality and security. We used an interactive solution on the front end to provide the best user experience.

iAdapt Inventory features:

  • Dashboard with interactive graphs to visualize sales reports.
  • Supplier management, to add new and manage existing suppliers.
  • Categories management, to add new and edit existing product categories.
  • Warehouse management includes add, edit warehouses for stock.
  • Products/stock management; add, edit products.
  • Manage expired products such as to add, edit and delete from stock.
  • Dead stock management such as to add, edit and delete outdated products.
  • Customer management; to manage existing, paid and credit customers.
  • Invoice management such as to manage invoices and paid/unpaid invoices.
  • Tax and discounts management to add taxes and discounts to invoices.
  • Expense management to manage expenses and paid/unpaid expenses.
  • Loan management such as to manage loaners, add/edit loans and loaners.
  • Staff management such as to manage three types of staff; super admin, accountant and salesman.
  • Reports management; such to manage sales profit, loss ledger, sales ledger and expense ledger.
  • Configuration management for setting up the system according to business needs and requirements.

Adapt Inventory system is an easy-to-install application provided with detailed documentation. In the documentation, each feature is explained with a screenshot.

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